What an unexpected joy equity crowdfunding has been. Usually at this pre-funding stage I would be locked away from my peeps, negotiating with the boys in the shiny suits. Equity crowdfunding the first round has meant I've had to get in touch with everyone and the support has been intense.

Only one week in to the private share offer and are 95% of the way towards our first goal. Fantastic stuff.

Tomorrow we open the share offer to the public, enabling fans to be part of Summerland forever.

Its the first time ever that fans have been offered the opportunity to own part of the experience they love. Alongside the tax reliefs, shareholding, and financial returns of the investment, we are offering people a voice in shaping the future of Summerland and rewards such as free tickets, private parties and rainforest sponsorship 

But it doesn't happen unless we meet our target so pledge, pledge big, and get your friends to pledge too. This time next year we could all be looking forward to going to the first Summerland party...