Sav our Programming Manager invites you to share in his vision of Summerland


… Exotic rhythms, soothing sounds, uplifting summer vibes… In the middle of winter!

What a fantastic opportunity to bring the warm sounds of summer into our lives at a time of year when we need a lift out of the grey and the rain.

The ultimate summer soundtrack… Latino, Reggae and Calypso rhythms fused with your favourite beach classics and contemporary sounds. Prepare to be transported to your favourite place on earth where everything feels just right.

Picture yourself on a sun lounger, cocktail in hand… you catch a glimpse of the Summerland FM beach shack where the DJ is playing his summer selection… On Summerland FM, you can choose your favourite soundtrack on your personal multichannel headphones…

Groups of kids run from a jungle shack, excited at just having joined in drumming with the steel pan band…  A Brazilian quartet take to the stage and play your favourite tunes in a Latino style... All adds up to a fine and exotic winter summerland paradise.

Later on, the dancefloor gets going for the evening, we are graced by special guest DJ’s, with new buzz bands, headline acts and superstar DJ’s to take Summerland into the evening and through to sunrise.