Our lead investor is David Kremer, the president of Rubik’s Brand Limited (who control worldwide rights to the famous Rubik Cube). David is an expert in global licensing and a serial entrepreneur being chairman of 3 companies and holding directorship in 7 others that he has investments in. 


We asked David for some of his thoughts on Summerland.


1.  As a serial investor and entrepreneur why have you chosen to invest in Summerland?

I think people are looking for more diverse and interesting leisure activities but for many they are constrained by time. This is like a mini holiday experience but accessible on a budget and done in a day.


2. What are the strengths of the concept?

Sunshine in winter! Great music and atmosphere from proven talents in the festival organisation and experience scene


3. How will your experiences with previous business feed into the Summerland plans? 

I have experience in developing Brands and in protecting intellectual property which can be of use to the Summerland team. I also have access to venture capital money for expansion once the first venue has proven success.


4. In terms of global potential, how do you see the future of the Summerland shows?

I think that Summerland could be the winter option of choice for people who spend a summer day in a theme park or a festival