Sometimes, when something is a new concept it takes people a while to get it. Summerland has a number of new elements, the concept itself, the fact that it is an immersive festival, and the fact that is an event that the audience can own. We've tried to lay out it clearly and answer some of the questions that come up most often but please feel free to get in touch with any more questions.

What does Equity Crowdfunding mean?

Via Equity Crowdfunding platforms such as Seedrs, ordinary people now have the opportunity to become shareholders in a company they believe in.

When is it?

The first event is on December 12th 2016 - Jan 8th 2017 and then it becomes Annual.

Where is it?

A Secret Venue in London.

Do you have a venue?

Yes it is all ready to roll.

What capacity is it?

There are up to 4 x 4hr shows in each day.  

Daytime shows are tailored for family audiences - capacity 1200

Evening shows are for adult audiences - capacity 2966

Is it permanent?

No it's an event which runs for 27 days each year. 

I love it!  How can I help?

  1.  Go to Seedrs here   
  2.  Pledge your investment
  3.  Help us explain the opportunity to others
  4.  Share this link with all your friends

I love it but can't afford to invest!

We have made packages from £10 so that this opportunity is accessible to everyone.  

I heard this was something to do with Shangri-La / Guerrilla Bar at Glastonbury?

Summerland has been conceived and developed by the Founder of Shangri-La (and the legendary Guerrilla Bar), Debs Armstrong, but this is a completely new and independent venture.

What does Founders Club Membership mean?

It gives you rewards and access to special events. To see a full breakdown of the awards available for different amounts see here.

How much is Summerland trying to raise in total?

A total of £3m in 3 rounds. The first round has almost closed having neared its target in a week to private networks. We have just opened the second round to the public. We have venture capitalists lined up for the 3rd round but are able to oversubscribe in round 2 and hope to do so.

What happens if Summerland doesn't meet the target on Seedrs?

Everyone gets their money back .

Can you let me know more about share prices, dividends, and returns?

More information is available on and you can email us at any time for a 1 page Investment Memorandum and the Financial Projections.