Summerland is the first ever Live Show which has been opened up to Equity Crowdfunding – enabling the audiences to buy shares in the experience they love.

We are now mid way through the second raise following a successful first round and loads of great press. But like any groundbreaking exercise- we’re finding the challenges and obstacles along the way. 

There are massive benefits to be gained but ginormous pitfalls to be avoided. But then I’m fairly used to hacking my way through the wilderness and we’ve just completed a mid-point evaluation which is shaping our strategic approach to the next phase.   

I look forward to sharing my findings with others once we complete, with a view to helping you find your own way through Equity Crowdfunding.   

Is it an exciting new financing model for events or a distraction from traditional forms? Can the two be combined, and at what stage and how much? All this and more still to come.

We’d like to thank all of you who’ve given us feedback along the way. 

Till then, pass me a sharper machete will ya?